The Transporter Migration Tool enables administrators to input a comma-separated value (CSV) file that contains end-user account information. This information is stored separately by the tool and is processed when users are migrated to a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 environment.

Specific Features that Affect Privacy

The following features of the Transporter Migration Tool may affect privacy:

  • Information transfer   The migration tool does not transmit any information to Microsoft.

  • Password visibility   End-user passwords that are imported into the migration tool are not obfuscated and are visible within the program.   

  • Software-generated file   The migration tool stores your end-user account information, potentially including passwords, in a file that is not encrypted, in your Application Data folder. This file will not be removed automatically or when the migration tool is uninstalled. We recommend that you manually remove account entries after a migration as a security precaution. You can do this by deleting the CSV file and then either deleting the entry from the migration console or deleting the software-generated file.


To delete the files

  1. Close the Transporter Migration Tool.

  2. Locate your CSV file and the software-generated file, InternetMailbox.tbin. The software-generated file is most likely found in the following location on your hard disk:

    %userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Transporter\Config\

  3. Securely delete the files.

You can also remove data from the software-generated file by deleting information within the migration tool. This does not change information in the .csv file.

For more information about privacy and security in Exchange Server products, refer to the Exchange Server documentation.