The Mailboxes Already Migrated node in the console tree displays mailboxes that have been migrated.

Available Actions

The following table lists the action pane options that are available when you click Mailboxes Already Migrated in the console tree.

Action Pane Option Description

Add Mailboxes…

Use to import a list of mailboxes to migrate.

Select Global Catalog

Use to select a global catalog that will be used to access the target Active Directory directory service.


Use to modify which objects are displayed in the Transporter Management Console.

New Window from Here

Use to create a new window that has the selected node as its root.


Provides the context-sensitive Help for the node or object that is selected.

The following table lists additional action pane options that are available after you import a list of mailboxes.

Action Pane Option Description

Migrate Selected Mailboxes…

Use to remigrate the selected mailboxes to a computer that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

Remove Selected Mailboxes…

Use to permanently delete the selected object.