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My phone numbers

Use the My phone numbers options to enter and publish, or unpublish, your phone numbers. Your phone numbers are part of your Presence information and are used by other Communicator users to contact you. When you publish phone numbers, you can and should control access to those phone numbers by setting access levels. By assigning access levels to your contacts, you can make your mobile or home phone number available to your closest co-workers, for example, but not available to all users in the company.

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Control access to your phone numbers

After you publish a phone number, especially a home or mobile phone number, you should ensure that access levels are set to:

The following table shows the access levels that a contact must be granted to have access to the associated phone number. By default, contacts are assigned the Company access level when you add them to your Contact List, which means they only have access to your work phone number.

Phone Number Block Public Company Team Personal
Work Phone *     X X X
Mobile Phone *       X X
Home Phone *         X
Other Phone *         X

 Note   * These attributes can be supplied to Office Communicator by Microsoft Active Directory. If supplied by Active Directory, they are visible to all contacts inside your company and to federated contacts, regardless of access access levels that you have assigned to contacts. These attributes are not visible to public IM contacts outside your company or to non-federated contacts outside your company. Phone numbers defined in Active Directory are not editable in the Phones tab.

To assign an access level to a contact

Do one of the following:

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About Active Directory and why some phone numbers cannot be modified or unpublished

Phone numbers that are provided to Communicator from Microsoft Active Directory will appear in the Phones tab as inactive fields and cannot be edited. In addition, these numbers cannot be unpublished. Clearing the Publish check box for numbers provided from Active Directory will not unpublish the number.

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Phone Integration

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Phone Accessibility

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