Topic Last Modified: 2011-02-03

For Mediation Server you can specify the following:

If you are collocating the Mediation Server onto the Front End pool or Standard Edition server, you select the check box Collocated Mediation Server enabled. If you choose not to collocate the Mediation Server, there are no definable settings in this section.

If you have enabled the collocation of the Mediation Server, you define the listening port on the server for Transport Layer Security (TLS). By default, this port is 5067. If you select Enable TCP port, you must define a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port for the collocated Mediation Server. This is an optional setting, and you should refer to the requirements of your gateway or public switched telephone network (PSTN) requirements to determine if you need this. By default, the TCP port value is 5068.

You define PSTN gateways that are associated with the collocated Mediation Server. If you have already defined gateways, they will be available to associate with the Mediation Server. If you have not defined any gateways, but you have them available to define, you can select New. You can also remove gateways that are already configured for this Mediation Server. Select the gateway, and then click Remove.

If you have more than one gateway associated with a Mediation Server, the first gateway associated will be the default gateway. If you need to choose another gateway as the default gateway, select the gateway that you want to make the default, and click Make Default.

For details about defining and configuring the settings for the Enterprise Edition Front End pool or Standard Edition server, see Defining and Configuring the Topology and Deploying Mediation Servers and Defining Peers.