Topic Last Modified: 2011-02-03

To specify new, remove existing, or to change the active the simple URLs, you do the following:

Simple URLs

To modify or define the simple URLs, you decide which of the three simple URLs that you will edit or change. You can choose from the Phone access URL, the Meeting URL, and the Administrative access URL.

To modify either the Phone access URL or the Meeting URL, select the URL that you need to change. Click Edit URL. You then edit the URL, and click OK to save the URL. Click Cancel to discard any changes and dismiss the dialog.

To add a new URL, click Add. In the Add simple URL dialog, specify the URL and click OK to save the URL. Select Make this the active URL for the selected domain if you need to set the new URL as the active URL. Click Cancel to discard any change.

To make a different URL the active URL (noted by the green check mark next to the URL), select the URL and click Make Active.

There can only be one active URL for each Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) domain.

If you need to remove a URL, select the URL and click Remove.

Carefully read the information on the simple URLs settings dialog page. Removing a Meeting URL can render existing meetings scheduled by users no longer accessible. Consider leaving the existing URL after making the new Meeting URL active. When you are sure that users are no longer using the old Meeting URL, you can safely remove it.

To edit or change the Administrative access URL, edit the entry.

After you are finished with all changes on the Edit Properties page, click OK to save the changes. Click Cancel to discard changes.

For details, see Planning for Simple URLs