Topic Last Modified: 2011-02-03

Resiliency provides high availability for the Registrar pool. By providing a backup Registrar in the event of failure of the primary Registrar, the backup Registrar can take over for the failed Registrar, allowing users to log on and communicate. Users can potentially experience reduced functionality, depending on which systems have failed with the primary Registrar.

In the Resiliency section of the Edit Properties dialog box for your Survivable Branch Appliance or Survivable Branch Server, you can change the following settings:

When you define the failure detection interval and the fallback detection interval, be careful not to enter an interval that will cause the failover and fallback to occur if the Registrar fails to respond for a short period of time. It is possible that the primary Registrar may not respond for short periods of time based on the loading of the pool or servers.