Topic Last Modified: 2010-12-14

To begin the installation of the database that will hold the local read-only copy of the Central Management store, you select between retrieving the defined configuration published by using Topology Builder from the already installed and configured Central Management store or to read the defined configuration from other media. For a machine that is on your organization’s internal network, select Retrieve configuration automatically from the Central Management Store.

If you are installing a replica of the Central Management store on an Edge Server, you would select to read the exported copy of the configuration document from portable media, such as a USB flash drive, USB hard disk drive, CD-ROM, or other media.

IF you are installing the Local Configuration store on an Edge Server, the configuration information must be in a format that was exported from the Central Management store by running the Windows PowerShell cmdlet:

Export-CsConfiguration -FileName <>

After you have selected the appropriate option, click Next.