Topic Last Modified: 2011-02-23

The tables in this section provide measurements for bandwidth and disk usage for application sharing, and for conferencing content collaboration.

Application Sharing Capacity Planning

Modality Average bandwidth (Kbps) Maximum bandwidth (Kbps)

Application sharing using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

434 Kbps sent per sharer

938 Kbps sent per sharer

Application sharing using Compatibility Conferencing service

713 Kbps sent per sharer

552 Kbps received per viewer

566 Kbps sent per sharer

730 Kbps received per sharer

Application Sharing Capacity Planning for Persistent Shared Object Model (PSOM) Applications

Application sharing usage Sent and received (KBps) Processor time Average bandwidth usage per user (Kbps)

15 conferences, 90 users

Received: 1,370 (2,728 peak)

Sent: 6,370 (12,315 peak)

Average: 8.5

Peak: 24.4

Sent per sharer: 713.57

Received per viewer: 552.92

Content Collaboration Capacity Planning

Content Type Average Size Number of Instances per Conference


40 MB



10 MB


Total default share per meeting

250 MB

Not applicable

Content Collaboration Upload and Download Rate

Category Peak usage in bytes per read and write, 10,000 provisioned users Average usage in bytes per read and write, 10,000 provisioned users

Web Conferencing service content upload and download

Received: 17,803,480 bytes/read

Sent: 19,668,079 bytes/write

Received: 706,655 bytes/read

Sent: 860,224