Topic Last Modified: 2011-04-06

The final step in the uninstallation process for a Survivable Branch Appliance or Survivable Branch Serveris to remove the Survivable Branch Appliance device or Survivable Branch Server. Perform this task at the physical branch site where the Survivable Branch Appliance is deployed.

To remove a Survivable Branch Appliance at the branch site

  • Restore the Survivable Branch Appliance to factory default settings.

    For details, see the Survivable Branch Appliance vendor documentation.

To remove a Survivable Branch Server at the branch site

  1. Log on to the computer where the Lync Server Deployment Wizard is installed as a member of the Domain Admins group and the RTCUniversalServerAdmins group.

  2. Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Microsoft Lync Server 2010.

  3. Open Lync Server Deployment Wizard.

  4. In the Lync Server Deployment Wizard, click Install or Update Lync Server System.

  5. Click Step 2 Setup or Remove Lync Server Components, and then click Run.

  6. In Setup Lync Server components, click Next. On the Executing Commands page, the summary screen will indicate Task status: Completed.

  7. Review the log files by clicking the arrow on the drop-down list box, clicking the log file that you want to view, and then clicking View Log.

  8. Click Finish, and then click Exit.

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