Topic Last Modified: 2010-11-07

Your company may require the security desk to become involved in an emergency call. To help decide how to integrate the Security Desk into you E9-1-1 deployment, you should answer the following questions.

Do you want the security desk to be notified when there is an emergency call?

You can configure the location policy so that Microsoft Lync Server 2010 sends an IM alert (including the location of the caller) connecting the person placing the emergency call to security personnel. Security can then confirm that an emergency exists.

Do you want to conference the security desk in on each emergency call?

If supported by the Emergency Services Service Provider, you can configure the location policy to include a callback number with each emergency call. This number is then used by the provider to conference security personnel in on each emergency call.

If necessary, you can configure different emergency personnel for each location policy. This allows you to customize the response for different areas within your company, or create different behavior for emergency calls that originate from inside as opposed to outside the network.