Topic Last Modified: 2011-01-27

The Config table contains the Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Group Chat configuration.


Column Type Description


nvarchar (255), not null

One or more of the following labels:

  • “pool”: Pool configuration (common to all servers)

  • “webpool”: File repository configuration

  • “webservice”: Web service configuration, which is basically an indirection to the “webpool” entry

  • “ChannelServer-server”: Configuration for a particular Channel Server

  • “LookupServer-server”: Configuration for a particular Lookup Server

  • “ComplianceServer-server”: Configuration for a particular Compliance Server (there can be no more than one Compliance Server)


int, not null

Sequence number (per label). Each time a setting is changed, a new entry with an incremented sequence number is added to the table. This means that the entries with the greatest sequence numbers are the current ones.


nvachar (max)

Configuration content.


int, not null

ID of the principal that made the latest change.


Column Description

<configLabel, configSeqID>

Primary key.