Topic Last Modified: 2011-01-31

The Online Certificate Request Status page presents you with important information resulting from the successful creation and issuing of the online certificate request. It provides the certificate thumbprint which uniquely identifies the certificate. By default, the check box Assign this certificate to Lync Server certificate usages is selected. If you click Finish, the certificate will be automatically assigned to Microsoft Lync Server 2010 for the purposes that you defined during the creation steps of the certificate request. By default, the purposes that the certificate will be assigned are:

By clicking the View Certificate Details button, you can view the certificate to confirm the properties of the certificate are as you intended, and that the certificate is ready to be applied and put into use on the server.

Clicking Finish will complete the online certificate request process. If you selected the check box Assign this certificate to Lync Server certificate usages, the certificate will be automatically assigned. If you chose to clear this check box, you must assign the certificate in a separate step. See the topic Certificate Assignment Introduction.

If the issuing certification authority (CA) root certificate is not in the computer’s Trusted Root Certification Authority store or if intermediate CA certificates are not in the proper store, you will see the summary status as depicted in the following image. You do not have the option to assign the certificate. To complete the certificate assignment process, you must import the issuing CA root certificate and any intermediate CA certificates, and then assign the certificate by clicking Assign on the main Certificate Wizard page.
Online Certificate Request Status dialog box