Topic Last Modified: 2010-11-08

You can check the Device Update Web service log files and verify that your test device successfully connected with Device Update Web service and received valid information.

To verify the connection for a test device

  1. Locate the current audit log files as follows:

    • For Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Enterprise Edition, log files are located in the Logs\Server\Audit\imageUpdates folder under the shared updates folder that was created for client and device updates.

    • For Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Standard Edition, the logs are located in %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Lync Server 2010\Web Components\DeviceUpdateFiles\Logs\Server\Audit\imageUpdates\.

  2. Open the audit log file in either a text editor or Microsoft Excel.

  3. Locate the entry for your device.

    Devices are identified by either their Media Access Control (MAC) addresses or their serial numbers. Each Front End Server in the pool has a separate folder in imageUpdates to contain its audit log files. You may need to look in more than one audit log file to find the entry for your device.
  4. In the Response field of the entry for your device, verify that you see a response similar to the following:

    In the following example, the request does not receive a response from the server because the device is running the current version:

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    12/17/2008 10:11:07,,,UCPhone,12/17/2008 10:10:03 AM,"0004F2BAAD88","C1843007859","Polycom","CX700","A","ENU",cpe.nbt;3.5.6897.0;12/8/2008 8:25:50 PM,

    In the following example, the request receives a response from Device Update Web service because the device is running an earlier operating system version than the most recent version available on the server:

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    12/17/2008 11:00:50,,,UCPhone,12/17/2008 10:59:46 AM,"0004F2BA4537","C17CA002887","Polycom","CX700","A","ENU",cpe.nbt;3.0.6765.0;7/28/2008 2:15:18 PM,;3.5.6897.0;12/8/2008 8:25:50 PM