Topic Last Modified: 2011-04-06

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 supports multi-site and multi-pool deployments. The process of migrating multiple pools from Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 to Lync Server 2010 requires the following considerations:

  1. After deploying a Lync Server pilot pool and importing the Communications Server 2007 pool configuration to the Lync Server pool, you need to define a subset of pilot users who will be moved to the Lync Server pool and develop a methodology for validating functionality of the users.

  2. After deploying an Edge Server in the pilot pool, you need to validate that external users can communicate with the Lync Server pool.

  3. After moving all the users and non-user contact objects, you need to validate that the Communications Server 2007 pool is empty.

  4. After verifying that the Communications Server 2007 pool is empty, you can then deactivate the pool.

  5. After verifying that all the pools are deactivated, use the Topology Builder merge wizard to remove the legacy topology from the site. Finally, use Topology Builder to delete the BackCompatSite.

    For details about how to deactivate the legacy Office Communications Server 2007 pool and servers, see Phase 9: Decommission Legacy Site (Office Communications Server 2007).