Topic Last Modified: 2011-05-16

Microsoft Lync 2010 Group Chat Group Policy settings can be configured manually by using the registry or by using Group Policy objects (GPOs). One way to define Group Policy Settings for Group Chat is by using the GroupChatConsole.adm administrative template, which is included on your distribution disk.

Group Chat Group Policies are summarized in the following table.

Group Chat Group Policies

Policy Name Definition


Specifies the host, protocol, and port that Group Chat uses to connect to Microsoft Lync Server 2010.


Specifies IM feature settings for all Group Chat client software.


Forces the user to provide logon credentials rather than automatically using Windows credentials to authenticate the user by using NTLM or Kerberos protocol.


Specifies user Colors feature settings for all Group Chat client software


This policy allows the URI of the Lookup Server that will vend Channel Server URIs to be specified.

The Lookup Server’s URI is generally assumed based on the user’s SIP URI, which is not reliable if users are allowed to have multiple namespaces for their SIP URIs.


This policy allows account information to be configured by the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Group Chat Administration Tool.

Options: Select the Auto detect global catalog check box, or enter the global catalog’s fully qualified domain name (FQDN) in the provided field.

IMPORTANT: If the Auto-detect global catalog check box is not selected, a value MUST be entered into the Global Catalog FQDN field.

Check the Allow Non SSL Active Directory Connections check box to allow non-SSL connections. SSL provides encrypted connections.

Set the Maximum Search Result Count value. Clicking the arrow controls of the number field increases or decreases the number in increments of 100. It can also be manually entered. This defines the maximum return when an Active Directory search, such as a user search, is performed.

This value applies only to the Administration Tool. User searches through the desktop client are limited to 20 users returned.


Enabling this policy allows users to configure accounts in addition the one specified by this GPO so that they can log on to different servers. Disabling this policy prevents users from creating and editing custom accounts.


Specifies peer-to-peer file transfer permissions for all Group Chat client software. This setting pertains only to instant messaging. If IM features are disabled, this setting has no effect.


This Group Policy specifies a name for the new account. This name appears in the Group Chat client logon form as an available account.


Specifies the presence polling frequency in seconds. This setting pertains only to chat room participants.