Topic Last Modified: 2011-02-01

To install and activate, deactivate or uninstall Microsoft Lync Server 2010 components, you use Step 2: Setup or Remove Lync Server Components. You must be logged in as a local administrator on the computer that you are installing or modifying and must be able to read Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) users and groups in the current domain. To begin, click Run. When you do this, the Central Management store-based topology definition is read. Necessary software components are installed and configured according to the role as defined in the Central Management store. When the installation is complete, review the Summary, and click Finish.

If at any time you need to review the log files that are created by the Lync Server Deployment Wizard, you can find them on the computer where the Deployment Wizard was run in the Users directory of the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) user who ran the step. For example, if the user logged in as the domain administrator in the domain, the log files are located in:

If you have previously installed Lync Server 2010 components on this computer, the Deployment Wizard will recognize this and the button in step 2 will be displayed as Run Again. This allows you to run the step as many times as needed to correctly configure or modify the server.