Topic Last Modified: 2010-11-05

If a client is located outside the network, or in an undefined subnet, the user can manually enter a location. If the user does not enter a location, the Emergency Services Service Provider will query the caller for a location before forwarding an emergency call to the PSAP.

Should users be prompted to enter a location when one is not automatically provide by the Location Information Server?

For example, if a client is located in an undefined subnet, at home, in a coffee shop, or anywhere else outside the network, should the user be required to enter a location?

You can configure the Location Required setting in the location policy do define the client behavior. Setting to No means that the user will not be prompted for a location. Setting to Yes mean that the user will be prompted for a location, but can dismiss the prompt. Setting to Disclaimer means that the user will be prompted for a location, and shown a disclaimer if they try to dismiss the prompt. In all cases the user can continue to use the client as usual.

When a user enters a location, the location is mapped, based on the MAC address of the default gateway of the client’s network, and stored to a local users table located on the client. When the client returns to any previously stored location, the client is automatically set to that location. A user can also manually select any location stored in the local users table and manage existing entries.

You can only modify the current location of your client.