Topic Last Modified: 2010-09-25

As in previous versions, Microsoft Lync Server 2010 requires that all dial strings be normalized to E.164 format for the purpose of performing reverse number lookup (RNL) during call routing. Downstream components, such as gateways, PBXs, and SIP trunks, may require numbers in local dialing formats. As a result, in Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, it was sometimes necessary to individually configure downstream components, or even reroute calls, in order to accept E.164 dial strings.

With Lync Server 2010, however, you can create one or more rules that assist in manipulating the Request URI E.164 format before the call is routed to the gateway. For example, you could write a rule to remove +44 from the head of a dial string and replace it with 0144 before the call is routed to a gateway.