Topic Last Modified: 2011-05-05

In Microsoft Lync Server 2010, you define sites on your network that contain Lync Server 2010 components. A site is a set of computers that are well-connected by a high-speed, low-latency network, such as a single local area network (LAN) or two networks connected by a high-speed fiber optic network.

A Front End pool is a set of Front End Servers configured identically, that work together to provide services for a common group of users. A pool provides scalability and failover capability to your users. Each server in a pool must run an identical server role or roles. A Standard Edition server, designed for small organizations, also defines a pool and runs on a single server. This enables you to have Lync Server functionality for a lesser cost, but does not provide a true high-availability solution.

The following phases describe the process of a pool migration from Office Communications Server 2007 R2 to Lync Server 2010. For multiple sites containing multiple pools, each individual pool should follow this phased approach.

This sequence is designed to minimize coexistence and interoperability issues during migration. Implementing Lync Server 2010 in a different sequence is not supported.

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