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Many Microsoft Lync Server 2010 components run as server roles or as services. Lync Server ships with a number of cmdlets that enable you to manage these server roles and services.

Server Roles and Services Cmdlets

Many (but not all) of the management tasks that apply to servers and service roles can be performed from the Lync Server Control Panel. For example, you can manage Archiving Server settings but not Address Book Server settings by using Lync Server 2010 Control Panel. However, all these tasks can be performed using cmdlets from the Lync Server Management Shell or from within a script; using a script enables you to automate certain tasks. The following is a list of cmdlets that relate directly to managing server roles and services:

Address Book Server Cmdlets

Archiving and Monitoring Cmdlets

Database and Management Server Cmdlets

Edge Server Cmdlets

Other Server Role Cmdlets

Registrar and Director Cmdlets

Services Cmdlets

Troubleshooting Server Roles and Services Cmdlets

Web Server and Services Cmdlets

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