Topic Last Modified: 2010-12-13

After you make changes to any of the configuration settings in pages in the Voice Routing group, perform this procedure to review, publish, or cancel the pending changes.

Ensure that only one user at a time modifies the Voice Routing configuration settings.

All pending changes must be published at the same time by running the Commit all command. You cannot selectively publish pending changes. Before you publish pending changes, run the Review uncommitted changes command and cancel any configuration changes that you do not want to publish.

If you navigate away from the pages in the Voice Routing group before committing pending changes, all pending changes will be lost. However, you can export the current configuration (including any pending changes) to a voice configuration file, and then import and publish the updated configuration. For details, see Export a Voice Route Configuration File.

To review, publish, or cancel voice routing configuration changes

  1. Log on to the computer as a member of the RTCUniversalServerAdmins group, or as a member of the CsVoiceAdministrator, CsServerAdministrator, or CsAdministrator role. For details, see Delegate Setup Permissions.

  2. Open a browser window, and then enter the Admin URL to open the Lync Server Control Panel. For details about the different methods you can use to start Lync Server Control Panel, see Open Lync Server Administrative Tools.

  3. In the left navigation bar, click Voice Routing.

  4. Make the configuration changes you want to the settings on each page of the Voice Routing group.

  5. To review pending changes without publishing them, select Review uncommitted changes from the Commit menu.

  6. If you want to cancel any of the pending changes, do one of the following:

    • Select Cancel all uncommitted changes from the Commit menu.

    • Navigate to the tab of the Voice Routing page that has pending changes you want to cancel, select the item with the pending changes, click Commit, and then click Cancel selected changes.

  7. After you have reviewed all pending changes and canceled any that you do not want to publish, click Commit, and then click Commit all.

  8. In the Uncommitted Voice Configuration Settings dialog box, which displays a list of all of the pending changes, click OK.

    When Lync Server Control Panel has committed the changes, the Successfully published voice routing configuration message appears.