Topic Last Modified: 2013-02-25

This section provides an overview of the steps involved in deploying Group Call Pickup. You must deploy Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition with Enterprise Voice before you configure Group Call Pickup. The components required by Group Call Pickup are installed and enabled when you deploy Enterprise Voice.

Group Call Pickup Deployment Process

Phase Steps Required groups and roles Deployment documentation

Enable the SEFAUtil resource kit tool in the topology

  1. Use the New-CsTrustedApplicationPool cmdlet to create a new trusted application pool.

  2. Use the New-CsTrustedApplication cmdlet to specify the SEFAUtil tool as trusted application.

  3. Run the Enable-CsTopology cmdlet to enable the topology.

  4. Install the resource kit tools on a Front End Server that is in the trusted application pool created in step 1.

  5. Verify that SEFAUtil is running correctly by running it to display the call forwarding settings of a user in the deployment.


Deploy the SEFAUtil tool

Configure call pickup number ranges in the call park orbit table

Use the New-CSCallParkOrbit cmdlet to create call pickup number ranges in the call park orbit table and assign the call pickup ranges the type GroupPickup.

You must use Lync Server Management Shell to create, modify, remove, and view Group Call Pickup number ranges in the call park orbit table. Group Call Pickup number ranges are not available in Lync Server Control Panel.
For seamless integration with existing dial plans, number ranges are typically configured as a block of virtual extensions. Assigning Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers as range numbers in the call park orbit table is not supported.





Configure Call Pickup Group Numbers

Assign a call pickup number to users, and enable Group Call Pickup for the users

Use the /enablegrouppickup parameter in the SEFAUtil resource kit tool to enable Group Call Pickup and assign a call pickup number for users.


Enable Group Call Pickup for Users and Assign a Group Number

Notify users of their assigned call pickup number and any other number of interest

Because any user can retrieve a call made to a Group Call Pickup user, users may want to monitor more than one group.


Communicate Group Call Pickup Assignment to Users

Verify your Group Call Pickup deployment

Test placing and retrieving calls to make sure that your configuration works as expected.


(Optional) Verify the Group Call Pickup Deployment