Topic Last Modified: 2012-10-05

Persistent Chat Server provides the concept of Allowed/Denied members, which applies to Persistent Chat categories and controls who can access rooms in a particular category.

Allowed/Denied members in a Category is not the same as a Member role, which applies to a Persistent Chat room.

Searches display all open and closed chat rooms for which the user performing the search is in the Allowed/Denied member list. Secret rooms are not displayed unless the user who performs the search is a member of the secret room. The user can search only for rooms that he or she is already a member of, or those for which they can request membership.

The primary rationale for the concept of Allowed/Denied Members is ethical walls. For example, it is common in banking and financial institutions to have ethical boundaries that prevent traders and analysts from sharing communications while implementing policies and conventions. To address this requirement, an administrator can create categories so that one category allows rooms to be created and used by traders, and another category allows rooms to be created and used by analysts. With this constraint is designed into the system prohibits adding a user as a member of the room if the parent category prevents it.

Following are the four user roles Persistent Chat Server:

The following roles are administrator roles for Persistent Chat Server: