Topic Last Modified: 2013-07-22

To assign a per-user policy to a user, you must first select the appropriate Grant-Cs cmdlet. (For example, the Grant-CsVoicePolicy, if you want to assign a per-user voice policy.) Run the cmdlet, making sure to specify both the Identity of the user to be assigned the policy and the name of the policy being assigned:

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Grant-CsVoicePolicy -Identity "Ken Myer" -PolicyName "RedmondVoicePolicy"

If you want to assign the same policy to all your users, use this syntax:

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Get-CsOnlineUser | Grant-CsVoicePolicy -PolicyName "RedmondVoicePolicy"

Note that, because of different licensing agreements and different country/region restrictions, it’s possible that certain conferencing policies, external access policies, or mobility policies cannot be assigned to a particular user. To verify the per-user policies that can actually be assigned to a given user (for example, use one of the following commands (and the ApplicableTo parameter), as appropriate:

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Get-CsConferencingPolicy -ApplicableTo ""
Get-CsExternalAccessPolicy -ApplicableTo ""
Get-CsMobilityPolicy -ApplicableTo ""

The preceding syntax returns only those per-user policies that can actually be assigned to Ken Myer.

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