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Microsoft Lync Server 2013 ships with almost 550 cmdlets specifically designed to allow administrators to manage Lync Server from the command line. You access the cmdlets from the Lync Server Management Shell. You can retrieve help on a cmdlet directly from the command line by typing a command similar to the following:

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Get-Help New-CsVoicePolicy -Full

The preceding command will retrieve all the help available for the New-CsVoicePolicy cmdlet. Substitute the reference to New-CsVoicePolicy with the name of the cmdlet for which you want to retrieve help.

To retrieve a full list of cmdlets available for managing Microsoft Lync Server 2013, type the following at the Lync Server Management Shell command prompt:

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Get-Command * -Module Lync -CommandType cmdlet

If you are unsure which cmdlets you need, we have also provided a categorized list of cmdlets and their help topics. You will find that some of the cmdlets show up in more than one category, which was intentional as they apply to multiple areas of the product. The following is a list of categories:

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