Topic Last Modified: 2012-09-29

Unassigned numbers are phone numbers that are valid for your organization but are not assigned to a user or a phone. The unassigned number table identifies how you want calls to unassigned numbers to be treated.

When you are finished creating a new unassigned number range or editing an existing one, click OK to return to the Unassigned Number page that lists all the number ranges. The changes you made on the New Unassigned Number Range page or the Edit Unassigned Number Rage page are not committed to the database until you click Commit all on the Unassigned Number page.

UI Reference

The following list describes the fields on the page.

  • Name   Type a descriptive name that identifies the unassigned number range. After you save the range, this name cannot be changed.

  • Number range   In the first field, type the beginning number of the unassigned number range. In the second field, type the ending number of the range.

    • The beginning number of the range must be less than or equal to the ending number of the range.

    • If the beginning number of the range or the ending number of the range includes an extension number, both the beginning number and the ending number of the range must include an extension, and the extension number must be the same for both the beginning number and the ending number.

    • The number must match the regular expression (tel:)?(\+)?[1-9]\d{0,17}(;ext=[1-9]\d{0,9})?. This means the number may begin with the string tel: (if you don’t specify that string it will be automatically added for you), a plus sign (+), and a digit 1 through 9. The phone number can be up to 17 digits and may be followed by an extension in the format ;ext= followed by the extension number.

  • Announcement service  Select Announcement to have the Announcement application handle the incoming call or Exchange UM to have an Exchange UM Auto Attendant handle the incoming call.

  • If you selected Announcement for Announcement service:

    • FQDN of destination server   Select the service ID of the Application service that runs the Announcement application that will handle incoming calls to this range of unassigned numbers.

    • Announcement   Select the announcement to be played for this range of unassigned numbers.

  •  If you selected Exchange UM for Announcement service:

    • Auto Attendant phone number   Select the phone number for the Exchange UM Auto Attendant.

For details about Announcement features and capabilities, see Overview of Announcements in the Planning documentation. For details about working with unassigned number ranges, see Configure Unassigned Phone Numbers in the Operations documentation.