Topic Last Modified: 2012-09-30

When you deploy conferencing, you can choose to enable and use both web conferencing and A/V conferencing, or just web conferencing. Dial-in conferencing is a subset of audio conferencing and requires additional configuration.

With all forms of conferencing enabled, your users can enjoy the richest possible conferencing environment with any combination of instant messaging (IM), audio, video, desktop sharing, slide presentations, sharing attachments, and sharing applications. Conferences can be scheduled or unscheduled, and users can easily add forms of communication to a conference while it happens. For example, starting with IM, adding document collaboration, and then adding voice or video. New participants can also be added to ongoing conferences in real time.

The following topics provide an overview of the specific features and capabilities provided by web conferencing, A/V conferencing, and dial-in conferencing.

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