Topic Last Modified: 2013-10-29

The following cmdlets manage Lync Online user accounts.

Cmdlet Description


Returns information about users who have accounts homed with your Lync Online tenant.




Enables you to assign, modify, or unassign an audio conferencing provider to individual users.

An audio conferencing provider is a third-party company that provides organizations with conferencing services, including high-end services such as live translation, transcription, and live per-conference operator assistance.

These cmdlets do not return information about the audio providers available to be assigned to those users. For that information, run this command instead:

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The Set-CsUser cmdlet is also included in the set of cmdlets available to Lync Online administrators. However, Set-CsUser cannot currently be used to manage Lync Online, except for setting the AudioVideoDisabled parameter. If you attempt to run the cmdlet with any other parameter, it will fail along with an error message similar to this:

Unable to set “SipAddress”. This parameter is restricted within Remote Tenant PowerShell.”

Audio conferencing providers can also be assigned to (or unassigned from) user accounts by using the Lync Online admin center:

Lync admin center dial-in conferencing properties

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