Topic Last Modified: 2013-07-05

When reviewing the help topics for the Lync Online cmdlets, you'll sometimes see the terms parameter and property used interchangeably. Don’t be confused by this terminology: although the two are technically different, in Lync Online, the terms essentially refer to the same thing.

Technically speaking, parameters are used when you run a cmdlet. For example, in the following Windows PowerShell command, EnableMicrosoftPushNotificationService and EnableApplePushNotificationService are parameters of the Set-CsPushNotificationConfiguration cmdlet:

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Set-CsPushNotificationConfiguration -EnableMicrosoftPushNotificationService -EnableApplePushNotificationService $True

A property is an attribute of a Lync Online object (for example, a collection of push notification configuration settings). Let’s say that you run this command:

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When you do this, you’ll get back a collection of properties and their associated values, which will include the following items:

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EnableMicrosoftPushNotificationService : True
EnableApplePushNotificationService	 : True

As you can see, properties and parameters share the same name: you use the EnableMicrosoftPushNotificationService parameter to configure the value of the EnableMicrosoftPushNotificationService property.

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