Topic Last Modified: 2012-09-14

To Request, Assign, Remove, or View certificates, you use the Certificate Wizard. You must be logged in as a member of the RTCUniversalServerAdmins group. To request a certificate from a public certification authority (CA), you do not need any additional group memberships. To request a certificate from your organization’s public key infrastructure (PKI), you need to confirm what additional—if any—group memberships you will need. During the Request task, you can enter alternate credentials that will be used to request the certificate from your PKI’s issuing CA.

Certificate Wizard dialog box

To request a new certificate, click Request.

To assign a certificate that has not been assigned yet, click Assign.

To remove a certificate that you have previously assigned, click Remove.

The Remove button will be available only if a certificate has been previously assigned. If the Remove button is unavailable (dimmed), there is no certificate assigned.

To view an assigned certificate, click View.

The View button will be available only if a certificate has been previously assigned. If the View button is greyed out, there is no certificate assigned.

To refresh the current certificate assignment screen, click Refresh.

To import a certificate that is not present in the certificate store, click Import Certificate.

Import Certificate is typically used to process a certificate that is received through a process other than a request from the Certificate Wizard. For example, your PKI administrator creates a certificate and makes it available to you. Use Import Certificate to import the certificate into the computer’s certificate store and make it available to Lync Server 2013 to assign.

To complete the process of requesting a certificate request from a CA in your organization that requires CA administrator approval, click Process Pending Request. The certificate request will have returned a status of pending, and also displays the identification number of the pending request. To continue processing a certificate with a pending status, click Refresh to enable the Process Pending Request button. The Process Pending Request button will no longer be unavailable (dimmed). You can then attempt to retrieve the pending request, but the status of the request will remain pending until the certificate is issued or denied by the CA administrator. The button will be unavailable if there are no valid pending requests that have been created by the Certificate Wizard.