Topic Last Modified: 2012-10-07

This topic describes how to deploy a Survivable Branch Appliance using the Lync Server Management Shell. Perform this procedure at the central site.

To deploy a Survivable Branch Appliance remotely

  1. Follow the procedure in Add Branch Sites to Your Topology to add a new branch site.

  2. Join the branch site to the domain.

  3. Add the RTCUniversalSBATechnicians group to the local Administrators group.

  4. Restart the server, and log on to it as a member of the RTCUniversalSBATechnicians group.

  5. In the Lync Server Management Shell, type the following commands, replacing the placeholders with the correct information for your organization:

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    Export-CsConfiguration -FileName C:\
    Import-CsConfiguration -LocalStore -FileName C:\ -Verbose
    Enable-CSReplica -Verbose
    Enable-CsComputer -Verbose
    Request-CsCertificate -New -Type default -CA <YourCA> -Verbose
    Set-CsCertificate -Type Default -Thumbprint <YourCertThumbprint>
    Start-cswindowsservice -verbose