Topic Last Modified: 2012-09-13

In Lync Server 2013, the Announcement application is a component of the Response Group application. When you deploy Enterprise Voice, the Announcement application is automatically installed and activated along with the Response Group application. This section describes the components that support the Announcement application.

Announcement Application Components

The following Lync Server components support the Announcement application:

  • Application service   Application service provides a platform for deploying, hosting, and managing unified communications applications. Application service is automatically installed on every Front End Server in a Front End pool and on every Standard Edition server.

  • Response Group application   The Response Group application is one of the unified communications applications that are hosted by Application service. When an unassigned phone number range is configured to route to an announcement, the Response Group application is required to route the calls made to the phone number. (Response Group application is not required if all the ranges are configured to route to Exchange Unified Messaging (UM).)

  • Audio files   Audio files are used for the announcements.

  • File Store   The Announcement application uses File Store to store its audio files.

  • Lync Server Control Panel   You can use Lync Server Control Panel to configure the unassigned number table.

  • Lync Server Management Shell   You can use Lync Server Management Shell cmdlets to configure Announcement settings and the unassigned number table.