Topic Last Modified: 2012-10-21

The Call Diagnostic Reports provide summary information and diagnostic data for failed peer-to-peer and conferencing sessions.

In This Section

  • Call Diagnostic Summary Report   Provides an overall summary of failed peer-to-peer sessions and conference sessions. Peer-to-peer sessions are sessions that involve just two participants. Conferencing sessions involve three or more participants.

  • Peer-to-Peer Activity Diagnostic Report   Provides an overall trend view of failed peer-to-peer sessions. A peer-to-peer session involves just two participants.

  • Conference Diagnostic Report   Provides an overall trend view of failed conferencing sessions and trend views for each conference modality. Conferencing sessions involve at least three participants.

  • Top Failures Report   Provides a list of the most frequent failures and their trends over time.

  • Failure Distribution Report   Provides an analysis of failed sessions.

  • Failure List Report   Provides detailed information about the individual participants involved in a failed conference.

  • Diagnostic Report   Provides diagnostic and troubleshooting information (including SIP response codes and diagnostic headers and IDs) for failed sessions.