Topic Last Modified: 2013-02-23

Device update rules can be imported only by using Windows PowerShell and the Import-CsDeviceUpdate cmdlet. This cmdlet can be run either from the Lync Server 2013 Management Shell or from a remote session of Windows PowerShell.

For details about using remote Windows PowerShell to connect to Lync Server, see the Lync Server Windows PowerShell blog article "Quick Start: Managing Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Using Remote PowerShell" at

To import device update rules to a single web server

  • The following command imports device update rules to the Web server

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    Import-CsDeviceUpdate -Identity "" -FileName C:\Updates\

To import device update rules to all your web servers

  • In this example, device update rules are imported to all the Web servers deployed in your organization. For this command to work, the folder \\\Updates must be shared and available to all the Web servers.

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    Get-CsService -WebServer | ForEach-Object {Import-CsDeviceUpdate -Identity $_.Identity -FileName \\\Updates\}

For details, see the Help topic for the Import-CsDeviceUpdate cmdlet.

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