Topic Last Modified: 2012-10-03

The Setup.exe command line is used for very few operations in Office setup. Instead of using the Setup command-line options, you’ll typically use the Office Customization Tool and the Config.xml file for product setup and feature customization.

The Office Setup.exe command line recognizes the command-line options described in the following table.

Office Setup Command-Line Options

Setup Command-Line Option Description


Runs the Office Customization Tool to create a Setup customization file (.msp file).

/adminfile [path]

Applies the specified Setup customization file to the installation. You can specify a path of a specific customization file (.msp file) or to the folder where you store customization files.

/config [path]

Specifies the Config.xml file that Setup uses during the installation. Use the /config option to specify the Config.xml file you customized for Lync 2013 installations, for example: /config \\server\share\Lync15\Lync.WW\Config.xml

/modify Lync

Used with a modified Config.xml file to run Setup in maintenance mode and make changes to an existing Office installation. For example, you can use the /modify option to add or remove Lync features.

/repair Lync

Runs Setup from the user’s computer to repair Lync.

/uninstall Lync

Runs Setup to remove Lync from the user’s computer.

For details about using the setup command-line options, see