Topic Last Modified: 2012-09-21

In Microsoft Lync Server 2013, multiple trunks between a Mediation Server and a gateway can be defined. Microsoft Lync Server 2010 only allowed for a single trunk between a Mediation Server and a PSTN gateway. This feature provides the flexibility to define additional trunks. A trunk is a logical association between a Mediation Server FQDN and listening port and a PSTN gateway FQDN and listening port. This new capability allows for easy trunk definition for resiliency (where multiple Mediation Servers can be used to route calls to the same PSTN Gateway), for PBX interoperability, where multiple trunks with different associated policies can be used between and IP-PBX and a Mediation Server, and for SIP trunk configurations where Mediation Servers at different sites have SIP trunks to the carrier referenced by the same carrier FQDN.

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