Topic Last Modified: 2012-10-04

You use Archiving policies to enable and disable archiving for users who are homed on Lync Server 2013. In each Archiving policy, you can enable or disable archiving for either or both of the following:

Archiving policies include the global policy, and, optionally, one or more site and user Archiving policies:

Archiving policies apply only to users homed on Lync Server 2013. If you use Exchange integration to store archiving data in Microsoft Exchange, then Exchange 2013 policies control archiving for users homed on Exchange 2013. To enable archiving for those users, the user’s mailbox must be placed on In-Place Hold.

The Archiving Policy page lists each Archiving policy that is configured for your deployment. It also shows the policy name, scope (global, site, or user), and which archiving options are enabled for each Archiving policy. From the Archiving Policy page, you have the following options:

  • New   You can add one or more of each of the following optional Archiving policies:

    • Site policy

    • User policy

  • Edit   You can change the options of any of the Archiving policies listed on the page. Using this option, you can do the following:

    • Show details This option opens a dialog box in which you can change the archiving options for an Archiving policy.

    • Select all This option selects all Archiving policies in the list.

    • Delete This option deletes all selected Archiving policies.

  • Action   You can use this option to quickly enable or disable archiving of internal or external communications in any policy listed on the page, instead of editing the policy. The options available under Action depend on what option is currently specified in the Archiving policy. All options are available, except the option currently in effect for the Archiving policy. Options include the following:

    • Enable Archiving of internal communications

    • Disable Archiving of internal communications

    • Enable Archiving of external communications

    • Disable Archiving of external communications

  • Refresh   You can refresh the Archiving Policy page to verify the status of the options of all Archiving policies.

For details about Archiving feature and capabilities, including Exchange integration, see How Archiving Works in the Planning documentation, Deployment documentation, or Operations documentation. For details about working with Archiving polices, see Configuring and Assigning Archiving Policies in the Deployment documentation and Managing the Archiving of Internal and External Communications in the Operations documentation.