Topic Last Modified: 2013-08-13

Lync Online enables you to establish federation with users on one or more of the following public instant messaging (IM) providers:

To allow federation with one or more of these providers, use the Set-CsTenantPublicProvider cmdlet and set the value of the Provider property to one or more of these values:

For example, this command establishes federation with Windows Live and AOL:

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Set-CsTenantPublicProvider -Tenant "bf19b7db-6960-41e5-a139-2aa373474354" -Provider "AOL","WindowsLive"

Note that any time you want to add or remove a provider, you must include all the relevant federated providers in the command. For example, you might want to add Yahoo! and you run this command:

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Set-CsTenantPublicProvider -Tenant "bf19b7db-6960-41e5-a139-2aa373474354" -Provider "Yahoo"

This command will leave Yahoo! as the only federated provider, because that is the provider called out in the command. To establish federation with all three public IM providers, you must include all three providers:

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Set-CsTenantPublicProvider -Tenant "bf19b7db-6960-41e5-a139-2aa373474354" -Provider "Yahoo", "AOL","WindowsLive"

Note that you must include the Tenant parameter when calling the Set-CsTenantPublicProvider cmdlet; if you do not, you will be prompted to enter the Tenant ID. You can return the Tenant ID of your Lync Online tenant by using this command:

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Get-CsTenant | Select-Object TenantID

Or, use this command to store the Tenant ID in a variable:

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$tenantID = (Get-CsTenant | Select-Object TenantID)

You can then use that variable (in this example, $tenantID) when calling Set-CsTenantPublicProvider:

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Set-CsTenantPublicProvider -Tenant $tenantID -Provider "Yahoo", "AOL","WindowsLive"

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