Topic Last Modified: 2012-10-08

You can add a test device to the Test Device page and then use this device to verify the functionality of new updates before deploying the updates to production devices. You can test a device globally (throughout your entire Lync Server environment) or within a single site. You identify a test device by its Media Access Control (MAC) address or serial number. When you add a device, it appears in the list on the Test Device page of the Lync Server Control Panel.

Tasks you can perform

You can perform the following tasks on the Test Device page:

  • Add a test device globally or for a particular site.

  • Modify the options for an existing test device.

UI Reference

The following lists describe the menus, commands, fields, and properties on the page.

  • New   You can add a new test device with the following scope:

    • Global

    • Site

  • Edit   You can change the options of a test device in the list. Using this option, you can do the following:

    • Show details   This option opens a dialog box in which you can change the options for a test device.

    • Select All   This option selects all test devices in the list.

    • Delete   This option deletes all selected test devices.

  • Refresh   You can refresh the test device list to verify the status of the options of all test devices.

For details about testing devices, see Create a Device to Test Update Functionality in the Operations documentation.

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