Topic Last Modified: 2012-11-01

Lync Server lets you configure the handling of incoming phone calls when the dialed number is valid for your organization, but is not assigned to a user or phone. You can use the Announcement application to transfer these calls to a predetermined destination (phone number, SIP URI, or voice mail), or play an audio announcement, or both. You can also transfer these calls to an Exchange UM Auto Attendant phone number. Handling calls to unassigned numbers in one of these ways helps you avoid the situations in which a caller misdials and then hears a busy tone, or the SIP client receives an error message.

This section describes how to manage unassigned number ranges to handle calls to unassigned phone numbers. The section also describes how to manage Announcements during disaster recovery if you want this functionality during an outage.

Using unassigned number handling during an outage is optional.

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