Topic Last Modified: 2012-11-01

Persistent Chat rooms can be deleted. If you have a chat room that is no longer being used, you can disable it. For details, see Disabling or Enabling a Chat Room.

A Persistent Chat administrator can query for disabled chat rooms, and can periodically purge and permanently delete the chat rooms, by using the Windows PowerShell cmdlet, Remove-CsPersistentChatRoom.

Categories can be deleted. However, to delete a category, you must first either delete all chat rooms under it or move the chat rooms to a new category, leaving an empty category for deletion. Persistent Chat Server does not allow you to delete a category that contains chat rooms. For details, see Moving a Chat Room from One Category to Another.

For details about deleting empty categories by using the Windows PowerShell command-line interface, see "Room Management" in Configuring Persistent Chat Server by Using Windows PowerShell Cmdlets.

For details about chat rooms and categories, see Configure Rooms and Configure Categories in the Deployment documentation.