Topic Last Modified: 2012-06-14

Using Topology Builder, perform the steps in the following procedure to deploy IP address types on a Front End Server.

To deploy IP address types on a Front End Server

  1. Under Enterprise Edition Front End pools, right-click the server within a pool, and then select Edit Properties. (Alternatively, select the server, and then click Edit Properties from the Action menu.)

  2. In the Edit Properties dialog box, select the IP address type that you want to configure. For a dual-stack configuration, select Enable IPv4 and Enable IPv6, as shown in the following figure.

    Edit Properties dialog box for the Front End Server pool

    Front End Server Edit Properties dialog box
    • Use all configured IP addresses. Select this option if you want to allow any IP address defined on the computer to be used.

      This is the recommended option for IP version 6 (IPv6) configurations.
    • Limit service usage to selected IP addresses. Select this option to specify a specific address to use on the new server. If you select this option, you must enter a value for Primary IP address.

    • Primary IP address. Enter an IP address that the server will use for all communications except public switched telephone network (PSTN). The IP address entered must match the format of the select address type.

    • PSTN IP address. Define a PSTN IP address when a Mediation Server is collocated on the Front End Server. This address must match the format of the selected address type.