Topic Last Modified: 2013-02-17

This topic applies only to the Lync Server 2013 Mobility Service (Mcx), and does not apply to Unified Communications Web API (UCWA), as delivered in the Cumulative Updates for Lync Server 2013: February 2013.

When you install the Mobility Service (Mcx) on Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5, the Mobility Service installer configures some performance settings on the Front End Server. We recommend that you use IIS 7.5 for mobility. The settings affect the maximum number of concurrent user requests and the maximum number of threads that are allowed for the Mobility Service.

Here are the performance settings:

Settings for Mcx on IIS 7.5

  1. maxConcurrentThreadsPerCPU is set to zero (0).

  2. maxConcurrentRequestsPerCPU is set to zero (0).

  3. ASP.NET process model is set to AutoConfig (for IIS 7.5 only).

  4. HTTP.sys queue limit is set to 1,000 (by default).