Topic Last Modified: 2012-10-01

With serveral hundred to a thousand users in a meeting, it is a good pratice to have a dedicated person moderate the online session of a large meeting. This dedicated person can be a delegate of the meeting organizer or a member of the organization’s large-meeting support staff. It is important to add the dedicated meeting moderator as a presenter at the time that the meeting is scheduled, although it is possible to promote an online meeting attendee to the presenter role while the meeting is in progress.

The meeting moderator can use all presenter functionalities of Lync Server 2013 clients to manage the large meeting. Those functionalities include:

  1. Monitoring the lobby and admitting or rejecting users in the lobby.

  2. Removing any users from the meeting who should not be in the meeting.

  3. Changing meeting access types.

  4. Changing participant roles.

  5. Inviting additional participants during the meeting using Lync drag and drop functionality, phone dial out, or e-mail.

  6. Muting and unmuting the audience or individidual users.

  7. Managing meeting content, including uploading content, deleting content, and switching active content.