Topic Last Modified: 2013-02-22

The Media Quality Diagnostic Reports provide information about call quality, and diagnostic and troubleshooting information for failed calls.

In This Section

  • Media Quality Summary Report   Provides overall quality data for different endpoint types, including Enterprise Voice peer-to-peer calls, Enterprise Voice conference calls, and calls that rely, at least in part, on the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

  • Media Quality Comparison Report   Provides a comparison of call quality values for different types of audio calls (for example, calls made over a wireless network vs. calls made across a wired connection).

  • Server Performance Report   Lists the servers that have experienced the most problems, based on measurements of such key quality metrics as degradation, packet loss, and jitter.

  • Location Report   Provides a list of network locations and a summary of the media quality of the calls that occur at each location. For purposes of this report, locations are based on IP subnets.

  • Device Report   Provides a summary of devices that are used for Enterprise Voice calls and it includes the average media quality of the calls by device.

  • Call List Report   Provides detailed information about phone calls made or received within your organization.

  • Call Detail Report   Provides detailed information about phone calls made from or received within your organization.

  • Server Media Quality Trend Report   Provides a way for you to graphically compare up to 5 servers on Quality of Experience metrics such as call volume, poor call percentage, packet loss, and jitter.

  • The Media Quality Metrics Distribution Report   Provides a graph that shows the distribution values for a Quality of Experience metric such as jitter or packet loss.

  • Location Trend Report   Provides call quality trend information for network locations.