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After you create your policy for common area phones (for details, see Create a Voice Policy and Configure PSTN Usage Records), you can assign the policy to a common area phone by using Windows PowerShell and the appropriate Grant-Cs cmdlet. These cmdlets can be run either from the Lync Server 2013 Management Shell or from a remote session of Windows PowerShell. For details about using remote Windows PowerShell to connect to Lync Server, see the Lync Server Windows PowerShell blog article "Quick Start: Managing Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Using Remote PowerShell" at

Assigning a Policy to a Single Common Area Phone

  • The following command assigns the per-user voice policy RedmondVoice to the common area phone that has the Identity Building 14 Lobby.

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    Grant-CsVoicePolicy -Identity "Building 14 Lobby" -PolicyName "RedmondVoicePolicy"

Assigning a Policy to Multiple Common Area Phones

  • In this example, the per-user voice policy RedmondVoice is assigned to all the common area phones configured for use in the organization.

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    Get-CsCommonAreaPhone | Grant-CsVoicePolicy  -PolicyName "RedmondVoicePolicy"

For details, see the Help topics for the Grant-CsVoicePolicy.

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