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DNS-BL Hosts

Enable DNS-BL queries

Activate this option if you wish to check incoming mail against DNS Black Lists. MDaemon will query each listed host when performing a DNS-BL lookup on the sending IP address. If a host replies to the query with a positive result, MDaemon can flag the message or refuse to accept it, depending on which options you have enabled on the DNS-BL Options screen.


Select an entry from the DNS-BL service list and click this button to remove it from the list.

DNS-BL host

If you wish to add a new host to be queried for blacklisted IP addresses, enter it here.


This is the message that can be sent during the SMTP session when an IP address has been blacklisted by the corresponding DNS-BL host listed above. This message corresponds to the ...and respond with 'Message' rather than 'user unknown' option located on the DNS-BL Options screen.


After entering a host and return message, click this button to add it to the DNS-BL hosts list.