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Forward mail to this domain

Sometimes it is advantageous to simply forward a copy of all messages for a domain as they arrive. If you wish to configure MDaemon to do this, enter the name or IP address of the domain to which copies of incoming mail for this domain should be sent. If you wish to forward the messages to a specific host then place the value in brackets (for example, []).

Forward mail to this email address

Use this feature if you wish to forward to a specific email address all email messages destined for this client domain.

Use this address in SMTP "MAIL From"

MDaemon will use this address in the SMTP "Mail From" transaction.

Forward mail using this TCP port

MDaemon will forward this mail using this TCP port.

Retain a local copy of all forwarded messages

Select this option if you wish MDaemon to retain an archival copy of each message locally once it has been forwarded.

Don't send forwarded mail to smart host on errors

Click this option to prevent the sending of forwarded emails to the host specified above when delivery errors occur.

This is a global setting applying to all domain gateways, and it is disabled by default.