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Gateway Domain

Enable this gateway

Check this box to enable the domain gateway.

Domain name

Enter the name of the domain for which you wish MDaemon to act as an email gateway or mail drop.

Store messages for this domain here

Enter the directory where you wish to store incoming mail for the domain. All of its messages will be stored in the same folder regardless of the individual recipients to which each message is addressed.

Deliver stored messages each time MDaemon processes remote mail

Ordinarily, when MDaemon receives mail that is intended for one of its gateways, it will store the mail until that domain connects to MDaemon to collect it. In some situations you may want MDaemon to attempt to deliver the mail directly via SMTP rather than waiting for the domain to collect it. When this option is enabled, MDaemon will attempt to deliver the domain's messages each time remote mail is processed. The gateway's mailbox will temporarily act as a remote queue and delivery will be attempted. Any messages that cannot be delivered will simply remain in the gateway's mailbox until they are collected by the domain or are successfully delivered later; they will not be moved into the remote queue or retry system. However, if you do not have the domain's DNS properly configured, or if you have your MDaemon configured to pass all outgoing messages to some other host for delivery, then you could cause those message to get caught in a mail loop and then eventually be treated as undeliverable.

Automatically extract embedded attachments

Some mail systems require attached files be extracted before submission of mail messages to the mail stream. To facilitate this, MDaemon can auto-extract incoming MIME attachments and place them in the \Files\ subfolder underneath the domain's message folder. Check this box if you wish to automatically extract attachments.