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Enable AntiVirus scanning for this gateway

Click this option if you have installed SecurityPlus for MDaemon and want this domain gateway's messages to be scanned. If you clear this option then SecurityPlus will not scan this gateway's messages.

Enable AntiSpam scanning for this gateway

Click this option if you want to apply the Spam Filter settings to this domain gateway's messages. Otherwise, they will be excluded from Spam Filter scanning.

ETRN dequeuing requires authentication

When you configure the settings on the Dequeuing tab to accept ESMTP ETRN requests, this option will be used by default to require the connecting host to first authenticate using the ESMTP AUTH command. When this option is enabled, you must designate an authentication password in the "Auth password" box provided below.

Clear this checkbox if you do not wish to require authentication of hosts making ETRN requests.

Authenticated requests are valid regardless of connecting IP

Enable this checkbox if you wish to honor authenticated requests regardless of the IP address from which they are coming. If this control is not enabled then only requests from those IP addresses specified in the Access section will be honored.

Authenticated is required when sending mail as a user of this gateway

Click this check box if you want all messages claiming to be from this domain to require authentication. If a message is purported to be from this domain then it must be using an authenticated connection (or connecting from a Trusted IP address) or it will be refused. This option is enabled by default.

When new domain gateways are created, this option will be enabled by default. If you wish to change the default setting so that new gateways will have this option disabled, then edit the following key in the MDaemon.ini file:


GatewaySendersMustAuth=No (default is Yes)

Gateway AUTH password

When using ATRN to dequeue this gateway's mail, or when you are requiring authentication via the ETRN dequeuing requires authentication option above, designate the gateway's AUTH password here.

The domain for which MDaemon is acting as an email gateway must use its domain name as the logon parameter. For example, if the domain gateway is "" and is using ATRN to dequeue its mail, then it would authenticate using the login credentials "" and the password specified here.

Global Gateway Options

The following options are global options. They aren't limited to strictly this domain.

Cache LDAP verification lookups

Click this checkbox if you wish to cache the results of LDAP verification queries for your domain gateways.

Minger verification lookups also trigger Domain Sharing lookups

When this option is enabled and Minger is used by any of your gateways for address verification, in addition to querying the Minger host designated on the Verification screen, MDaemon will also query your Domain Sharing hosts. This is a global option, applying to all gateways set to use Minger for address verification.


Honor dequeue requests from these IPs

Select this switch and MDaemon will honor ETRN/ATRN requests made from any IP listed in the associated address list.

Ignore dequeue requests from these IPs

Select this switch and MDaemon will ignore ETRN/ATRN requests that are made from any IP listed in the associated address list.

Add new IP

To add a New IP to the current list simply enter the IP into this text box and click the Add button.


Click this button to remove a selected entry from the list of IP addresses.